The 99 Households Study is part of the Urban Zoo Project  which is a joint project between scientists from Kenya and the UK. We are interested in how diseases can be transmitted between animals and people living in close contact in a city environment. The 99 Household study aims to collect in-depth information from 99 families from 33 different neighbourhoods stratified by socio-economic status across the whole of Nairobi. We are testing humans, animals and the home environment for bacteria that can be shared and spread between them.

Using a tablet to scan the barcodes on samples before submission to the labs

Drs. Karani and Muinde collecting samples from a guinea fowl

Prof. E. Fevre using boot socks to collect environmental samples

KEMRI Lab staff explaining the lab procedures to a reporter from the Voice of America News Programme

Faecal sample collection from a goat

Boot socks samples ready for the lab

A motorbike rider loading the cool box full of samples for delivery to the labs

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