1393254077UgandaRodneyWelcome to our website, which provides an outline of the work conducted by the Zoonotic and Emerging Diseases research group (ZED group), led by Prof Eric Fèvre. We are based jointly between the Institute of Infection and Global Health (IGH), University of Liverpool, and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), in Nairobi-Kenya, with a significant focus of research activity operating from our field laboratory in Western Kenya and other collaborating laboratories.

Our work applies a One Health approach to the study of zoonoses – infectious diseases that may be passed from animals to people. Through our research we try to understand how these diseases behave at the intersection between wildlife, livestock and human health.



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Tularemia is a disease of animals and humans caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis. Rabbits, hares, and rodents are especially susceptible and often die in large numbers during outbreaks. Humans can become infected through contact with infected animals, acquired by ingestion of contaminated water, or through contact with infected soil, where the organism can remain in an infectious state for up to several months.

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