The Urban Zoonosis Project is not only focused on research, but also very keen on developing the capacities of its team. This has been demonstrated in various activities the team has been engaged within the last quarter

IMED Conference (Vienna , Austria)

Three team members (James Akoko, Velma Kivali and Alice Kiyonga) were sponsored by the project to attend this year’s International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance (IMED) held in Vien-na, Austria. The IMED conference is known for bringing together leading scientists, clinicians and policy makers to present new knowledge and breakthroughs as well as to discuss how to discover, detect, understand, prevent and respond to outbreaks of emerging and re-emerging pathogens

IMED conference Viena

IMED conference held in Vienna, Austria 31st Oct. - 3rd Nov. 2014

Occupational First Aid Training

First Aid trainingMembers of the Urban Zoonosis team were happy to participate in an Occupa-tional First Aid Training carried out at ILRI Head quarters in October this year. by St. Johns Ambulance trainers.

These members were:

  1. Stella Kiambi
  2. Maurice Karani
  3. Dishon Muloi
  4. Patrick Muinde
  5. Velma Kivali and
  6. Victoria Kyallo


Team Building Activity

To enhance communication and team work, improve the existing trust, strengthen the bondage within the field team, profile and appreciate the different personalities with the intent of exploiting the strengths and uniqueness of each individual. A two day’s team building activity was organised and the team left the ses-sion re-energised, united and focussed in improving their out-puts. The result of this cannot be overemphasised as the perfor-mance is top-notch!

Team building

 The Field team members in a team building session

Team building2



The Zoonotic and Emerging Disease group studies a range of epidemiological issues revolving around the domestic livestock, wildlife and human interface

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