Harriet Auty

Former PhD student (CID and S. Cleaveland, Glasgow)


Harriet Auty was a joint PhD student (with S.C,. Welburn, CID and S. Cleaveland, Glasgow) until 2009 studying the trypanosomiasis epidemiology in wildlife (including warthogs!). She is now working at the Scottish Agricultural College.

Research Interests

I am a veterinary epidemiologist with interests in the dynamics, impacts and control of livestock diseases, particularly vector borne diseases and zoonoses.

I qualified as a vet from University of Liverpool in 2004 and after a stint in general practice moved to University of Edinburgh for a PhD at the Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine. My PhD focused on the epidemiology and ecology of vector borne zoonoses in Tanzania. As a post doc at University of Glasgow I was involved with designing, implementing and coordinating field projects, firstly on approaches to surveillance and secondly on endemic foot and mouth disease in Tanzania.

I started at the SRUC in November 2011 and am a research fellow with EPIC – the Scottish Government’s Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks. I am predominantly involved in the modules concerned with outbreak situations – risk, contingency and coordinating rapid access to advice, as well as providing veterinary and epidemiological input for models of disease.



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