Dr. Lian Thomas

Postdoctoral Research Scientist (ZooLink)


I am a University of Liverpool post-doctoral research associate on the ‘ZooLinK’ project, working specifically on the economics of zoonotic disease surveillance. I am currently based in Nairobi as a visiting scientist at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

I undertook my PhD within the Zoonotic & Emerging Diseases research group (ZED group), supported by the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). My work focused on the epidemiology of T. solium cysticercosis in the human and porcine populations of western Kenya.  Since completing my PhD in 2013 I have been based in Zimbabwe and Zambia, working as an independent consultant on projects for the World Health Organisation, Australian Animal Health Laboratories, and ILRI. I have also been involved in the Global Waters Pathogens Project, Cystinet Europe and sat on the zoonotic disease task force for the Zambia National Public Health Institute.

Originally from the north coast of Cornwall in the UK I studied veterinary medicine at St. Georges University in Grenada, West Indies and undertook research for my MSc in Uganda in conjunction with Makerere University. I have a particular interest in the relationship between animal health and economic development, surveillance and control of zoonotic disease and the use of digital technology in disease surveillance.

Selected Publications


Lian.Thomas@NOSPAMzoonotic-diseases.org (please remove the ‘NOSPAM’ part of the address before sending)

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