Dr. Catherine Wilson Profile

MPhil (Wellcome Trust-Liverpool Institutional Strategic Support Fund)


My MPhil looks at non-typhoidal Salmonella in pigs in Nairobi and Busia, Kenya and the Chikwawa valley, Malawi.  I will study the prevalence, strains and antimicrobial resistance profile of this bacteria present in pigs in these areas and make a comparison to those isolates found to be present in humans in these areas.  This should help to indicate whether zoonotic transmission of this disease is occurring.

I graduated as a vet from Cambridge University in 2010 and have worked in practice since this time. Over this period I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in International Animal Health linked to the University of Edinburgh.  I am looking forward to completing this one year research ‘taster’ funded by the Wellcome Trust, through a Research Taster Fellowship awarded as part of the University of Liverpool’s Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund.

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