It is our pleasure to welcome you to the 9th International Leptospirosis Society Scientific Meeting (ILS 2015) and we are proud to host this biennial meeting in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, in October 2015.

During the last decade, leptospirosis outbreaks are increasingly reported from many places in the world. Human as well as veterinary communities are at higher burden risk of leptospiral transmissions. The existing global problem of leptospiral infections, as human and animal diseases, may also influence the socio-economic aspects of the affected countries. The clinical and field research on leptospirosis has been done so far but the implementation of study findings is less than adequate.

This scientific meeting is one of the opportunities to present and discuss many issues on leptospirosis. Not only scientific information, the participants will get benefit from networking with colleagues from different background, for research as well as exchange of the experiences and new ideas in management and controlling the disease.

All medical and veterinary scientists, clinicians, public health experts and also people working in related fields are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting and present their work.

The 2015 International Leptospirosis Society Scientific Meeting Semarang, Indonesia October 7-10th, 2015

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