September 28th, 2016 will be the 10th annual World Rabies Day. There are several exciting plans in the pipeline for this milestone in the event’s history and – of course – we look forward to hearing your plans too.

As you may know, one of the outcomes from the Global Meeting in December was a target of 2030 for the elimination of human deaths from canine rabies (a goal that will save the lives of countless animals too). Building on this outcome, the theme for World Rabies Day 2016 is
Rabies: Educate. Vaccinate. Eliminate.

You can find free downloadable logos in multiple languages and branding (like the image at the top of this email) for your documents and materials here

There are ideas, checklists and guidelines to organising an event here

And improving knowledge either to support your event or as part of your event has never been so easy with our free online courses, available here

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A new way to register
Registering an activity takes five minutes and multiplies the impact of what you’re doing by making sure people outside your immediate network know about it.

As previously, you can register on our website here

Or – new for 2016 – you can register by creating a Facebook event. (Instructions on how to create a Facebook event are here – you’ll need a Facebook account to do this.)
If you opt to register via Facebook please make sure you

  1. Invite @Global Alliance for Rabies Control to your event (so Facebook notify us and we can include your event in the total number of events), and
  2. Tag the event #WorldRabiesDay (so other people can find you and to build momentum behind the hashtag).

We will then register the event on our website and send you the link to your event page. This process aims to make sure all events are accounted for and shown on the event map (and only shown once!).

Regrettably, we cannot financially support individual events, but we are here to offer guidance, suggestions and connections where we can, so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Stay tuned…
As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, there is more in the pipeline and we will be in touch soon with updates. We look forward to sharing them with you – and we look forward to sharing your World Rabies Day events with the world.

Let’s keep pushing for elimination by 2030 by making #WorldRabiesDay 2016 the best so far.

Warm regards,
Liz Davidson
Global Community Engagement – GARC

P.S. If you already know what you’re doing, event registration is now open

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