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Value chain analysis (VCA) is a tool used by economists to understand market structure/systems and their inefficiencies. It has an enormous potential for the investigation of food safety and zoonosis risks, which has not been exploited. Understanding the diversity of food chains, their interconnections, governance, equity, upgrading capabilities and barriers are fundamental for accurate assessment of risks, their causes and evolution, and to identify feasible and effective interventions.

This component aims therefore at (1) describing the livestock value chains operating in Nairobi and (2) investigating the food safety and zoonosis risk practices within these chains using a value chain framework. The overall work is led by Professor Jonathan Rushton (RVC – component PI) and Dr. Pablo Alarcon (RVC), and in coordination with Professor Eric Fevre (UoL). The following working groups have been created:

Dr. Pablo AlarconThe results of this component will support the design of the sample collection in the 99 Household study and the collection of samples along specific value chains in order to understand food system role in the movement of zoonotic pathogens.

 Article by Dr. Pablo Alarcon




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