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Field Team Coordinator, UrbanZoo project-ILRI


James Akoko is a competent and dedicated Animal Health Specialist, with 9 years of research experience at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). Skilled at planning and coordination of projects, management of project assets, data recording and report writing, and valuable experience in management of project finances. In addition, he has a proven strong leadership and interpersonal communication skills. He is a graduate of University of Edinburgh with a Master of Science in International Animal Health.

He is currently the field coordinator for urban zoonoses project, and is responsible for facilitating field activities of multidisciplinary, multi-partnered and complex teams from ILRI, University of Nairobi, African Population Health Research, KEMRI, FELTP, as well as Universities of Liverpool, London (RVC) and Edinburgh.

James is also very keen on understanding the epidemiology and control of neglected zoonotic diseases using One Health Approach.  As a result, he is currently developing several research concepts and has conducted the following studies;



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