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Eric Fèvre

Professor Eric Fèvre

I am Professor of Veterinary Infectious Diseases based at the Institute of Infection and Global Health (IGH), University of Liverpool and currently jointly based at the International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya, where I am managing several field-orientated projects that are part of the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health.

I lead a group of epidemiologists interested in the biology and control of (re-)emerging diseases, particularly zoonoses, with a focus on understanding the factors involved in risk, transmission, persistence, spread, and, importantly disease burden of pathogens in both human and animal populations. We also have a strong interest in understanding the influence of the physical environment on pathogen transmission.

My group uses field data to acquire a wider understanding of pathogen epidemiology, using this information to inform policy on optimal and cost-effective methods of disease control. I sit on two World Health Organization Advisory Committees on disease burden and economics, and participate in a number of related WHO activities relating to zoonotic diseases - eg "WHO/DFID-AHP meeting on "Control of Zoonotic Diseases: a Route to Poverty Alleviation among Livestock-Keeping Communities" (click here for full text) and the WHO/EU/ILRI/DBL/FAO/OIE/AU Report on the "Integrated Control of Neglected Zoonotic Diseases in Africa: Applying the 'One Health' Concept" (full text) and the WHO/+partners Report on "The Control of Neglected Zoonotic Diseases: Community-based interventions for prevention and control" (full text).  I am also a member of the WHO Expert Committe on Human African Trypanosomiasis and the WHO Initiative to Estimate the Global Burden of Foodborne Disease (FERG), as a member of the Parasitic Disease Task Force.


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