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[June 2014]: Urban Zoo project manager post open for applications until 27 June 2014
[June 2014]:
We are jointly hosting a workshop in Nairobi with CIIE Edinburgh on phylogentics: "From Faeces to Phylogenetics"
[June 2014]:
We are very pleased to announce our new major funding award: "Zoonoses in Livestock in Kenya (ZooLinK)", funded by the ZELS programme
[May 2014]:
We welcome postdoc molecular biologist Gemma Chaloner to the team in Liverpool, working jointly with the Zoonotic Infections in People, Pigs and Poultry group
[May 2014]:
We welcome Maurice Karani and Patrick Muinde to our team based at ILRI, working primarily on the Urban Zoo project, with a focus on value chain mapping
[April 2014]: Our team is at two Kenyan conferences during the week of 23rd April: Kenya Medical Association (KMA) conference and Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA) conference
[April 2014]: Microbiology/molecular biology postdoctoral position on the Urban Zoo project at our partner organization KEMRI: closing 2 May 2014
[March 2014]
: Issue 02 of the Urban Zoo newsletter is now available for download
[February 2014]:
Output of our ECDC collaboration published: "Measuring underreporting and under-ascertainment in infectious disease datasets: a comparison of methods" in BMC Public Health
[February 2014]: Our paper published: "Incorporating Scale Dependence in Disease Burden Estimates: The Case of Human African Trypanosomiasis in Uganda" in PLoS NTD
[January 2014]: Will de Glanville publishes on "Spatial multi-criteria decision analysis to predict suitability for African swine fever endemicity in Africa," in BMC Vet. Research
[March 2014]: UrbanZoo research technician posts now filled.  Thanks for your interest
[March 2014]: Two research technician posts available as part of the UrbanZoo project, employed by and based at ILRI, Nairobi
[December 2013]: Paper published: "The global burden of foodborne parasitic diseases" in Trends in Parasitology
[December 2013]: Annie Cook wins 3rd Prize at the Medical Research Council Centenary 'Celebration of International Collaboration' for early career researchers in London
[November 2013]: The f
irst Urban Zoonoses project Quarterly Newsletter is out!  Read it here
[November 2013]: The Urban Zoonoses project holds its Annual Project meeting in Nairobi, Kenya: welcome to all our partners.  Follow the Twitter feed for updates
[October 2013]: Pa
per published: "The dispersal ecology of Rhodesian sleeping sickness following its introduction to a new area" in PLoS NTD
[September 2013]: We're supporting, and helping to organise the 'Regional Conference on Zoonotic Diseases in Eastern Africa' in May 2014.  The first call for abstracts is out! (click here)
[August 2013]: We are presenting work on the livestock-human-wildlife interface at AITVM in South Africa
[August 2013]: Velma Kivali attends a Leverhulme Trust sponsored workshop on "Molecular Systematics, DNA Barcoding and Bioinformatics" Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
[August 2013]:
Our group has moved!  Our new institutional affiliation is the Institute of Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool.  We are still physically based at ILRI, Nairobi
[July 2013]:
Postdoctoral fellowship: Landscape genetics of enterobacteria in western Kenya - now open for applications until 31 August 2013
[June 2013]: PhD opportunity: "Peri-domestic wildlife in urban Nairobi: ecology and epidemiological role in zoonotic pathogen emergence" Now closed - thanks for your interest
[June 2013]: PhD opportunity: "Peri-domestic wildlife in urban Nairobi: ecology and epidemiological role in zoonotic pathogen emergence" now open
[May 2013]: Our study of free range pig ecology in Kenya gets press attention, inclduing at the Kenyan Standard newspaper (print only) and the The People newspaper
[April 2013]: James Akoko, Velma Kivali and Alice Kiyong'a attend the Kenya Veterinary Association conference in Mombasa, Kenya
[April 2013]: Annie Cook attends the 23rd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Berlin, Germany
[April 2013]: Eric
Fèvre and Will de Glanville are at WHO, Geneva, for the Fifth Foodborne Disease Burden Epidemiology Reference Group (FERG) meeting
[March 2013]: Lian Thomas, Will de Glanville, Annie Cook and Eric Fèvre publish the first study of free range domestic pig ecology, in BMC Veterinary Research
[March 2013]: All Kenya-based field activities in the group are put on hold for one week during the national elections which take place on 4 March 2013.
[February 2013]:
Pork tapeworms make headline news in Australia

[February 2013]: We welcome Pablo Alarcon from the Royal Veterinary College to our urban zoonoses project team
[February 2013]: Our University of Nairobi partners on the "Urban Zoo" project are recruiting a laboratory technologist and an enumerator for the project.
[January 2013]: Clinical officer posts now closed for applications.  Thanks for your interest.
[January 2013]: Members of our research group share results and participate in the USDA-USAID-ILRI workshop on "An integrated Approach to Controlling Brucellosis in Africa"
[December 2012]:
Nicola Wardrop et al publish a paper on landscape associated risk of human African trypanosomiasis, in BMC Infectious Diseases
[December 2012]:
We are recruiting two clinical officers (closing date 16 Jan) through the International Livestock Research Institute to support a project on urban zoonoses
[December 2012]: The laboratory technician job opening, through the International Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi, is now closed for applications
[December 2012]: We are recruiting a laboratory technician through the International Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi
[October 2012]: Our work on urban zoonoses features in a news article from the US newspaper the "Global Post": Urban farming: A lesson from Africa.
[October 2012]: Nicola Wardrop, MRC Fellow at the Department of Geography, University of Southampton, visits our group at ILRI to discuss collaboration and present a seminar
[October 2012]: Eric Fèvre attends the official launch of the Government of Kenya Zoonotic Disease Unit (ZDU), in Nairobi, and the One Health Strategic Plan for Kenya. See www.zdukenya.org
[September 2012]:
Sam Kariuki, our collaborator on the 'Epidemiology, ecology and socio-economics of disease emergence in Nairobi' project, wins the 2012 Royal Society Pfizer Award.  Congratulations!
[August 2012]:
Congratulations to Annie Cook for winning the best poster prize at the recent International Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (ISVEE) meeting.  Click here to see it!
[August 2012]: Postdoctoral research fellowship in statistical epidemiology - applications now closed
[July 2012]:
Statistical modelling PhD position now open for applications - deadline 20th July 2012 - click here for details
[July 2012]: Statistical modelling PhD position now closed - we are no longer accepting applications
[June 2012]: Postdoctoral research fellowship in statistical epidemiology - now open for applications
[June 2012]:
Two funded PhD positions on 1) clinical epidemiology of diarrhoea b) role of peri-domestic wildlife in urban pathogen emergence - now closed
[May 2012]: Two funded PhD positions on 1) clinical epidemiology of diarrhoea b) role of peri-domestic wildlife in urban pathogen emergence - now open for applications
[May 2012:] We are pleased to welcome Sonia Fèvre from Veterinarians Without Borders Canada (VWB/VSF), who visited our field sites in Kenya on a fact finding mission
[April 2012]:
Listen to the April edition of Edinburgh's School of Biology 'BioPod' podcast, which features our PAZ project in Kenya
[April 2012]:
LCIRAH PhD opportunity on Campylobacter in Kenya and the UK, applications now CLOSED

[February 2012: The Wellcome Trust publishes a blog posting highlighting our work on zoonoses]
[February 2012]:
LCIRAH PhD opportunity on Campylobacter in Kenya and the UK, now open for applications
[February 2012]: We begin our work (with our many partners) on an ESEI-funded project on disease emergence in urban Kenya
[January 2012]: ILRI publishes a series of posts on the ILRI-BioLives blog, entitled "A Day in the Life of the PAZ Project"

[December 2011]: The PAZ Busia Laboratory molecular and serological diagnostic facility is built - in association with the ILRI/BecA AusAid-CSIRO African Swine Fever project
[November 2011]: Our group is represented at a Joint Colloquium on Zoonoses and Neglected Infectious Diseases of Africa, in Johannesburg, South Africa
[November 2011]: The World Health Organization releases the Atlas of Human African Trypanosomiasis, which received contributions from our group
[October 2011]: Dorte Dopfer from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine visits our Kenyan projects with a UW Global Health Institute award
[October 2011]: Results of studies investigating brucellosis in Kampala, Uganda, on herd prevalence/risk factors and spatial distribution of human cases, are published
[September 2011]: Our group co-hosts (with ILRI) a workshop on developments in pen-side diagnostics for Taenia solium cysticercosis at ILRI, Nairobi, funded by the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA)
[September 2011]:
We are participating in a World Rabies Day dog vaccination and rabies awareness activity in Kiambu West District of Kenya - this is managed by the Kenya Women's Veterinary Association (KVWA)

[August 2011]: We welcome Hannah Johnson (University of Edinburgh UK) and Mason Jager (Cornell University USA), summer undergraduate students working on the PAZ project
[August 2011]: Lian Doble and Annie Cook participate in the Advanced Epidemiology Course at the South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA)
[August 2011]: Applications for the ILRI-AusAid-CSIRO sponsored PhD position on African Swine Fever epidemiology are now closed
[August 2011]: Applications for an ILRI-sponsored PhD post on African Swine Fever, in collaboration with and the University of Pretoria, are now open
[July 2011]:
Congratulations to MSc student Elija Juma, who has been selected to attend ''Advances in knowledge of parasite resistance of ruminant hosts '' taking place in São Paulo, Brazil in September 2011
[June 2011]: We welcome Daniel Cheruiyot and Lorren Alumasa, both Clinical Officers, to the team in Busia
[March 2011]: The work of our project on zoonoses in livestock and humans in Western Kenya features on the Catalyst Programme on Australia's ABC television
[January 2011]: The Good Practice Guide for Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology, which we have been involved with developing, is released this month
[April 2011]: Applications are now CLOSED for the recently advertised Clinical Officer and Community Health Worker posts
[March 2011]: Applications are open for two new field posts in Western Kenya - a Clinical Officer and a Community Health Worker (Kenyan nationals only); closing date is 15 April
[December 2011]: We welcome Elijah Juma to the group, working on his MSc project at the University of Nairobi, on human behaviour and the risk of parasitic disease transmission
[December 2010]:
Our research group was part of the 3rd International Conference on Neglected Zoonotic Diseases at WHO, Geneva; this has resulted in a position statement on neglected zoonoses issued by WHO
[December 2010]:
Our analysis of the risk of brucellosis transmission through the milk distribution network in Kampala, Uganda, led by Kohei Makita, is published in PLoS ONE
[November 2010]:
Our jointly authored publication, led by Lucas Matemba on the burden of human sleeping sickness in Tanzania is published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
[September 2010]: We welcome William de Glanville and Annie Cook to the group; Will and Annie are starting PhD programmes focussing in different aspects of zoonotic disease epidemiology
[July 2010]:
We welcome Katie Hamilton to the group; Katie will be working on preparing a research programme on urban zoonotic diseases in Kenya
[July 2010]: The International Livestock Research Institute features the work of the PAZ Project on the ILRI blog
[May 2010]: We are very pleased to announce the start of our latest project on the drivers of the emergence of zoonotic and food-borne diseases in urban environments, funded through the MRC/LWEC ESEI scheme
[May 2010]: The Veterinary Record features the activities of the PAZ project on neglected zoonoses in Kenya
[April 2010]: We welcome John Mwaniki, Hannah Kariuki, Fredrick Opinya and Jenipher Ambaka to the group, who come to use through our collaboration with the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
[March 2010]: Summer project opportunity in Kenya (June-July 2010) for a veterinary student focussing on 'One Health'
[February 2010]: The British Veterinary Association newsletter for Feb 2010 features an article on Lian Doble's research in Western Kenya
[January 2010]: Our jointly-authored paper on serological patterns of zoonotic infections in cattle in Cameroon is published in PLoS ONE
[January 2010]: Our paper on the comparative value of diagnostic tests for animal trypanosomiasis in Western Kenya is published in PLoS ONE
[January 2010]: We welcome James Akoko, Omoto Lazarus, Alice Kiyonga and Edward Onkendi to the group.  See our People pages
[January 2010]: Applications are no longer being accepted for the PhD position on the epidemiology of neglected, zoonotic diseases
[December 2009]: Nicola Batchelor publishes key work on the spatial epidemiology of sleeping sickness in Uganda in PLoS NTD
[December 2009]: We welcome Cheryl Gibbons, who is working on estimating the burden of infectious diseases, to the group
[October 2009]: Now open for applications - PhD position on the epidemiology of neglected, zoonotic diseases
[August 2009]: We are taking informal inquiries from interested parties relating to a research assistant post on quantifyi
ng the burden of communicable diseases in Europe
[June 2009]: We co-authored an article reporting the results of a pilot study on the epidemiology of cysticercosis (Taenia solium) in Uganda, published in the Journal of Parasitology Research
[March 2009] We participated in the World Health Organization's latest output on neglected zoonoses: "Integrated Control of Neglected Zoonotic Diseases in Africa: Applying the 'One Health' Concept."  Now available with full text on-line here
[March 2009] We co-authored an article reporting progress on the mapping of the population at risk of sleeping sickness, "Towards the Atlas of human African trypanosomiasis," published in the International Journal of Health Geographics
[January 2009] Recently advertised post-doctoral and PhD positions have now been filled, and applications are closed
[December 2008] Article on peri-urban brucellosis in Uganda published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Science
[December 2008] Eric Fèvre speaking at the Living with Climate Change (LWEC)Health Workshop hosted by the Scottish Government (on globalisation, trade and animal disease)
[December 2008] Article on the burden of Human African Trypanosomiasis published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
[December 2008] PhD competition funded by the BBSRC now open, for a PhD position to study neglected zoonotic diseases...
[October 2008] Applications open for post-doctoral position jointly with Achim Schnauffer's group (IIIR, Edinburgh) and funded by CIIE
[September 2008] www.zoonotic-diseases.org goes live!